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The Secret, Little Known Strategies, For Developing
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Creating Champions Out Of Your Team…and Your Coaches!


From: Kevin O’Keefe

Chicago, IL


Dear Fellow Coach,

If  you’ve ever asked yourself,

v     How can I take my youth football team to the next level?

v     What fundamentals/skill sets do I need to be teaching, in what order, and how do I set up the drills to maximize to every practice?

v     How do I get the best out of my kids and coaches?

v     How can I be more organized, productive, and efficient while managing the kids, assistant coaches, parents, and all the other demands that come with being a youth football coach?

v     What are the proper techniques for Defense: everything from linemen, linebackers, and d-b’s…

v     How do I teach basic to advance techniques for offense; linemen, running backs, tight ends, and most importantly quarterback?

v     Plus much much more!


Then I have great news for you! I’m going to give you the answers to each and every question, situation, and concern you might have…absolutely FREE! There’s just one little catch, won’t cost you a thing…all you need to do is answer a simple little question. But first….



Then Winning The Championship 4 of the Next 6 Years!


Here’s the story: As a child I grew up from a family of 13 kids, 8 brothers and 4 sisters, all of which had different talents of leadership in their respective sports. I opted to play football because of the team orientation that was presented to me.


A star in the youth football ranks gave me the opportunity to play for the football powerhouse and reputable program of Mt. Carmel High School on the South Side of Chicago. I was a member of two State Championships and was taught how to be a winner and a team Player.


I started coaching throughout college and loved the interaction with young athletes that were looking for direction. In my second year as an assistant I devised a strategy beat to the number one team and won our first championship. (Humbly, this one secret strategy can beat ANY youth team in existence. Seriously, this may sound like I’m bragging or hype…but it’s the real. It’s not me…it was the system.)

            A system that was handed to me on a silver platter by a mentor of mine, whom I’ll tell you more about in a minute…and how you can have the same thing.

            But, first, let me finish how this story ends: As a head coach I went to five championships in six years. Winning 4, losing one and losing in the semifinals once. Admittedly, I had some good talent, but definitely not the most talented team in the league.

On one occasion, we were so outmatched, parents of the opponents were shaking their heads in disbelief as we toppled their “unbeatable” team. The coaches were then fired…and parents were outraged. But I’m getting off topic…


Anyhow, we had a unprecedented combined record of 55-5 in a very competitive  and  athletic league. I have had many offers to coach at some of the Chicago powerhouse High Schools but was very happy coaching the level where I was at.


This past year was the first year in the past 12 that I did not coach. My wife Kelly and I had our second child (Quinn 5, and Gavin 1) and I decided to take a little time off to enjoy the kids…and maybe take a vacation or two during the end of the summerJ


                                    A Free Opportunity For YOU!
                        And My “Giving” Back To The Coaching Community!


Here’s what I’m up to now: Since, I’ve taken off the next year or two, I’ve decided to put together the most comprehensive book and system for helping Youth Football To Develop To Players, Teams, and Win More, While Creating Confident Athletes!


            In doing so, I need your help. While I think I have a good pulse on what coaches face, I want to make sure that I’m helping all coaches in youth football. So, I’d like to give brand new copy of my E-book that I plan on finishing this month, and access to my online course titled, “The Secret Strategies To Winning Youth Football! How to win…and win the right way!”


            All I ask is that you give me your name, email…and answer the question below.

It’s that simple, I won’t share your name with anyone else or bug you!


            Wishing You All The Best!


            Kevin O’Keefe


  "What is Your Biggest Question You Would Like Answered Or Challenge You'd Like Solved?"

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""What is Your Biggest Question You Would Like Answered Or Challenge You'd Like Solved?""

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